My name is Reena, running Reena Stelle pronounced /rinɑ/ /stɛl/, a bit different ey? Blogging is my passion; from beauty to fashion to all things lifestyle! My most popular platform is Instagram but I have also added a blog platform for more lengthy posts. 

I currently live in both Toronto and New York, where I am in school for my Masters in Business. On my bucket list I have quite the list of different cities and countries to visit in the near future. If you've never been to New York or Toronto, I highly recommend you plan a visit soon! Beautiful cities with so many places to walk around to explore, food and coffee shops to stop by at, and it is shopping galore.

This blog is a platform to collect all the posts about my style, life events and inspirations, health habits, and reviews on hair, makeup and skincare products to help out anyone looking for a bit of inspo or recommendations. You can also find me on (reena.stelle) or click on the SHOP tab up above to shop my Instagram feed. 

I will only share products I am truly a fan of and are using myself in my routines, or else this will be dishonest. I will not be hindered to post something I do not agree with in trade for money or things such as. To create a relationship with my readers and establish trust for future projects, I strongly believe I ought to be honest - and even share my dislikes with you. 

I have one specific goal for my future, among many. I am currently taking many of these steps to reach it. Creating a fashion and beauty based Instagram and a blog, collaborating with brands, and attending events will ultimately bring me to my long-desired goal, to create my own line of magazines. Come along on this journey with me!

                                  xx, Reena

Media kit available upon request, email for collaborations or any questions. 


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