Rocksbox does have a key to my heart and not just because I got this beautiful piece of a necklace in my recent box. Every time I get a new box, it is full of stunning pieces I cherish all month and wear them on repeat just to get as much wear out of them as I can. 

I always love to change up my jewelry with gorgeous new statement pieces and this is the perfect way with Rocksbox. The earrings were stunning when I pulled my hair behind my ear, the necklace was perfect for any low cut top I wore (and the gold stood out on my chest), and the ring was perfect for layering with my other gold pieces. 

My stylist picks out my pieces to make them coordinate with each others, and I also get to approve it before the box gets sent out to me. I can wear all three pieces at the same time even!

You will love to get to try these trend-conscious, high quality jewelry pieces for a fraction of the cost. They are all branded pieces and there's minimal hassle to get yours to your door every few weeks. I'd recommend you try if you want to try out a new trend before purchasing a few pieces or if you want new pieces every now and then without piling up in your jewelry box or wasting time and lots of money. These pieces are pricey but you get to try them out at little cost!

If you want to get your first month free, use my code 'reenastellexoxo' and tag me! xx, Reena

In Collaboration with Rocksbox

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