Whether high fashion or what I've fallen for after scrolling through Instagram, the boyfriend jeans are so in. They were in during summer time, styled with a t-shirt, and now even more with the autumnal layering outfits.

Victoria from IntheFrow, Leonie Hanne, and the girls Brooke and Meggan from SomewhereLately are my top style icons. They've been wearing boyfriend jeans quite a lot these last few months and I've been craving their fashion. Finally I gave in to buying these jeans and they look very flattering on me. And I'm sure they will on any body type as well.

You can style them in many different ways, anywhere from styling them up for a date night or down for running errands. The loose fit adds to not only comfort, but it gives a stylish appearance.

How I styled my boyfriend jeans today:
A body hugging t-shirt or tank, cuff the bottoms, and pair with mules or flats.

Since jeans are comfy to me, this is the perfect outfit to lounge around in but having got ready for the day. If you have to run some errands, boyfriend jeans add a bit extra chicness to your look compared to leggings or tight-fit jeans. I suggest always pairing a simple look with cute shoes because that added to the boyfriend jeans will make you look like you spent a lot more effort on your outfit than you did!

Other ways to style boyfriend jeans:
You can totally dress jeans up by wearing a body suit, a trench over the top, and pair with heels. These are also so cute for a date night with a turtleneck, a belt, and pair with ankle booties. Perfect for fall too! For a laid back look, pair with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Also always add accessories and try to mix it up. If your outfit is quite simple or quiet, add a statement piece of jewelry. If your t-shirt or shoes are loud, try to skip the jewelry that day. Any gold pieces are usually a good idea since the boyfriend jean vibe is quite vintage I might say.

There's no secret to looking good in boyfriend jeans. Light colored jeans fit with any outfit you are looking to pair in. 

When you're shopping for boyfriend jeans whether it is online or in store, pick your regular size. They are made specifically to be loose but waist-wise they must fit you properly. You don't want to be swimming in them (LOL)! 

I know I will be styling this pair in many ways, especially through the autumn season with layers and cute boots. If you look the look of these, check this pair out and others similar below. Create a neat outfit with the boyfriend jeans this season. xx, Reena

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