As you may have seen in my stories a few weeks ago, I changed up my hair a tiny bit. I 'ombred' it ... well when I say ombred, ... the girl didn't do a great job, but even worse – my hair didn't take it well. And I hated it at first because it damaged my hair really bad! It was the first time I dyed my hair, and I don't know whether it was because of the type of dye or improper care.

In desperate attempt to cure my damaged hair, I ran to the first place I knew it'd take care of me. Monat has been raved about by a few friends and many other bloggers. Thankfully, it has fixed my hair!

My most damage the dye process has done is caused horrible split ends that I had to chop off but still seem to be there. I bought the Split End Mender which has made a total difference in just two weeks. 

The other damage it has created is the dullness and dryness which has been cured quite easily by Monat's Blow Out Cream. My hair looks and feels (and is!!) very healthy and shiny like never before. This Blow Out Cream has restored the softness and shine.  It provides silicone-like performance, without silicone build-up, provides a bit of heat protection, prolongs the life of your blow dry, and my favorite part - provides a smooth, silky, sleek look to your style.

When I signed up for Monat, I also bought the Volumizing Shampoo and the Conditioner with it as well. Although it's pricey, in my opinion it has been very worth the money for the ending result I achieved. I haven't finished yet and will continue to maintain the look these products are giving me.  

If any of you are looking to revive your hair, you can read some of other ladies' testimonies on their blog and try it out for yourself! xx, Reena

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