My laptop got an update last week but so did I. My hair, my wardrobe, my mind, and my heart were all overdue for a trim and color. People go on vacation to have a breather, to relax with family and friends, or visit new places around the world. I went on vacation but stayed in my own town. 

But how does one renew his mind to live life daily with a positive mindset?

It's simple and it's two words  gratefulness and affirmations. When you repeat your affirmations back to your subconscious self, they become your beliefs. There's a saying that goes, "your beliefs become your thoughts, that become your words, that become your actions, that become your destiny." And my friend how true it is!

And when you focus on the words of the affirmation, you make yourself feel it is true. It changes your day completely! I use the Five Minute Journal which includes this particular segment along with 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things that would make today great; these 3 are to be done in the morning when you wake up.

As you feel better about yourself, you notice you love yourself more. We develop daily and developing on the foundation of love towards yourself, you realize the beauty of life. Working daily with people, I see those who seem to be angry at everything, who seem to have nothing workout for them, who seem to dislike life, and how I wish I could sit down with them and explain to them my perspective of love.

I highly recommend a few personal development books, even though very few people are fond of this idea. Books are a huge source of information, especially about loving yourself and life. In the 1990's there was a huge enthusiasm for self help, which was quite a popular craze and many books were written on this particular topic. Follow Alex and Mimi Ikonn, they always recommend books for self growth like 'The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure' by James Redfield or 'Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal' by Anthony William

Then to touch upon gratefulness - how easy it is to forget to say a thankful prayer for all the things we have, big or small. Again, the Five Minute Journal allows you to take a few minutes to reflect on life and express your gratitude towards anything and everything your eyes see and what your soul feels.

I was speaking to an elderly man who came in to my workplace the other day and I asked if he could give me one piece of advice from his life, and he replied, "keep your family close to you. You meet people along the way who become your friends but they pass as you move on. But a family is a phone call away. A family you should be thankful for, they care for you, they think about you, they pray for you, and they want to hear from you. No matter how far or close you are, always give them a call to see if they are doing good at the very least."

This touched my heart so much because I go to school and work in a different country from the rest of my family. Sometimes life gets busy and I don't hear from them for 1-3 days, but this will always remind me to give them a call to see how they are doing. After speaking to that man, I feel a pull on my heart towards my family  and I hope I will always have that reminder to stay in touch.

And if you're in the same situation, I hope this will encourage you to do the same. You don't have to live far to do this either (!), your grandma who lives 10 minutes from you would have a huge smile on her face if she heard your voice.

This morning ritual has completely changed my heart into a heart full of kindness, love, and serenity. Realizing and expressing gratitude has revealed to me the beauty of life  and all it entails. The affirmations I state daily to myself in the mirror leads to my day acting upon those words. The Five Minute Journal has had an overwhelmingly positive impact to my life, as it has to many others just like me.

Share these thoughts with your friends as well  spread love, peace, and harmony in this lively but hectic world of ours. xx, Reena

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