Adding jewelry glams up any outfit you have on. Whether it is a simple white t-shirt and jeans paired with stud earrings or a gold necklace, or a knit sweater and leggings paired with a cute watch. Accessories make an outfit more — chic! Agreed?

For this date night, I paired this gorgeous white band-collar blouse with a light beige skirt. Blouse  check and skirt — also check! 

For shoes, one could not go wrong with a pair of pointed toe flats (unfortunately both pictured above are sold out). A minimalistic blouse and skirt call for something extra in jewelry and shoes. 

I particularly enjoy adding earrings or rings but sometimes I am feeling a necklace or a bracelet, or even a watch. Recently my go-to jewelry options are from a Rocksbox monthly subscription where I can plan ahead my wishlist but also get to exchange pieces for others I want before it gets finalized and shipped to me!

These three jewelry pieces from Rocksbox all match — and best of all they fit together into my outfit options!

For my US readers, here is the blouse and the skirt. For my UK readers, here is the blouse and the skirt. And as requested, for my readers in France, here is the blouse and the skirt for you as well! 

Don't forget to check out my favorite jewelry subscription Rocksbox here! By the way, by clicking that link, you also get the promo code 'reenastellexoxo' already included for your first month free. xx, Reena

In Collaboration with Rocksbox

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