The most greatest invention has got to be a jewelry subscription, and that is called Rocksbox! However, Rocksbox is not only a subscription where you pile on new jewelry. Instead, you get three pieces and then when you're done wearing them, you send back the ones you do not want to keep and get three new ones mailed to you again.

Every month you get a credit of $21 to spend on the jewelry you would like to keep. Rocksbox have allowed me to provide you all with a code 'reenastellexoxo' to get your first month free! Scroll down to see what was in my most recent box.

It is such a fun subscription, and I always get excited when I see the new box come in. And the presentation is so darling though, just look at the box!

You can check out my Instagram to see the other pieces that I have worn previously (here, here, here, and much more throughout my feed) and subscribe through this link here to Rocksbox. Ps: enjoy your first month free + enjoy wearing the stunning pieces! xx, Reena

In Collaboration with Rocksbox

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