It's the new year, and it is a fresh start. I feel like a new me, but it's just my mindset. But is it? My mindset is changing this year. I've made some changes and created a list of goals to focus on every day. I thought I'd share it with you and maybe you can change with me too. It's already February but some have had a crappy January, so let's restart today. 

There's nothing wrong with change. In fact, it's good to change. Life is about change so grow with that change. Resisting change is resisting your own growth. I remember back to my philosophy class years ago with a quote from Socrates that went along the lines of, "The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Gosh, how I love that quote. 

If you don't love life to the point of being obsessed with it, then change it. Take out all the negativity out of your life and start fresh, even now. There's a quote I saw on Pinterest saying, "the things I used to trip on, I walk over now." This year, CONFIDENCE is key to everything. Own it, girl, own it!

1. Wake up early

Or at least wake up on a scheduled time, not snoozing your alarm six times. You will feel much better, I promise. Although I still recommend early; your day will be longer and mornings are the best if you realize it. 

2. Gratitude 

Giving gratitude in your sub-conscious mind very early in the morning will ultimately lead to a better lifestyle. Your day will be off to a great start, and throughout the day you will continuously have a positive mindset. I use the Five Minute Planner every morning and every evening, and I'd even say it is life-changing. Just while I fill it out, I cannot stop smiling. 

3. Plan out your day 

Visualize everything you have to do today. Not tomorrow, but today. Run through it and always have a plan, and stick to it. If you have to, write it down in a planner, on a to-do list, or just on your phone. It will improve your day especially if all over the place sometimes, I promise. 

4. Do what you love

No matter how busy I am, I always find time to do something I love, and I recommend you do too! Whether it is reading a book, going to the gym, going for a walk, grabbing a coffee or going for bubble tea, try to fit it in because it will make your day 10 times better. Most importantly, find positivity to get through the day. A huge source for me is watching Zoella or Alfie Deyes' vlogs because their positivity flows from through the cameras and laptops to me. Wherever you get your positivity from, don't skip on it that day.

5. Be present

Whatever you do, be in the moment. I know we are all busy and sometimes forget to stop and be grateful for what we have. That is going back to my second point of gratitude. I stop myself constantly because I am always a go, go, go person and need to look up from my phone. Look around at what an amazing place you are in, with the life you have, with the friends and family around you, and the opportunities that keep arising.

Many things that happen we don't realize it. After talking with my mother about this, she highly recommends 'slowing down and breathing' because life is flying by! Stop, think about the amazing things that you have, and that is happening, give thanks and smile upon it.

6. Get that daily exercise in

I don't care if it's an hour at the gym or just 100 squats, get that exercise in! So many people feel the day was a success if they worked out. Even I think that way. If I skip, I feel gutted and like I failed myself.

7. Always smile and be welcoming

Walking through the stores or walking into work with a smile and keeping it on whenever you walk by someone will improve their day and yours! Someone at work said they can tell I'm a really positive person and I asked how they can tell. And they answered saying, "by your smile. It's so genius, and I wish the whole world smiled." Wow. Let us all be like that. Let us all just smile and be welcoming! 

                                x, Reena

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