Bad habits be gone! Good decisions start today!

1. Starting from a big one: procrastination.

I hate to admit it, but I've wasted hours of my life merely procrastinating something I have to do. So I have a planner in which I stick to my schedule to get my work done. With the extra time, I will spend it doing something I love instead of bumming around in procrastination.

I procrastinate taking care of my hands and nails, like putting on lotion or getting a manicure. Taking good care of my face has never been a problem. Our hands do so much, touch so many things, and are seen all the time. If my face, hair, and outfit is on point then my hands and nails shall be as well. Step one will be getting a manicure, and step two will be using this Hand & Nail Cream every chance I get.

2. Getting straight out of my pajamas

This might be life-changing. I've started to invest a lot into my pajamas, and in the mornings the last thing I want to do is get out of them. They're so comfy, so I do my entire morning routine in pajamas, and there's nothing wrong with that right? Will be showing more love to you pajamas from now on.

3. Soda

This will probably be the hardest thing ever! I love my Coca-Cola. I'd drink it, but now I left it behind in 2018. But hey the perks might overpower it. Less sugar to maintain my flat stomach, whiter teeth and I will be drinking water as a substitute which is a million times better for me.

4. Wasting money

I'd much rather go on a trip to Italy or Hawaii instead of the six different pillow and bedding sets I have that honestly, I don't love. I keep going back to white!

I'm currently looking at a second car I want, which I don't need. My goal is to think twice before buying it. Every little thing adds up, and I would rather spend it on a trip away instead of those extra wasteful material things.

5. Horrible sleeping habits

Being a student, the past two months I've been staying up to watch movies and waking up late to get enough sleep. Not only am I wasting the little amount of daylight I have, but mornings should be beautiful and relaxing, but now I've just been hating them.

                              x, Reena

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