I'm a sucker for chic, simple packaging so I was already in love when I first opened it!...is that bad? Hehe. Anyways, you might be wondering what I'm loving and well it's NavyHairCare's Prep & Finishing Spray! I'm always straightening or curling my hair and it tends to be very staticy, but after spraying on this finishing spray, this one products conditions, tames and makes my hair look like I just walked out of a salon every morning! It leaves my hair silky smooth but still very manageable. And the smell! Oh the smell! It's just so so good. 

Some more pros of this spray? 

  • Combats static & controls frizz
  • Illuminates my hair leaving it silky & strong
  • Leaves no build up
  • Lightweight
  • Leaves my hair bouncy 
  • Heat & UV protecting
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Eco friendly 
  • Not animal tested
Some cons?
  • I'm too in love 🙈
I've been using this for the past three weeks and I recommend you try it as well! You can shop this Prep & Finishing Spray here! x, Reena Stelle

PS: I got a code for you sent by NavyHairCare after they saw my post for anyone interested in 30% off! Use code PONY

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